World Ten Ball Championship


The Philippines is the host country of the 2011 World Ten Ball Championship of the World Pool-Billiard Association. It will be the fifth time that Manila will host a major WPA world pool championship.

The championship will be played in the main hall of the World Trade Center in the Manila Bay Area in Metro Manila.  The site is located close to the Mall of Asia and various hotels and attractions in Manila


Main Tournament  (Stage 2)
May 10-15, 2011
World Trade Center
Roxas Boulevard,
Cultural Center Complex
Metro, Manila
Qualifying Tournament (Stage 1)
May 3-7, 2011
Star Billiards Center
Grace Village,
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Press Conference
11 am
May 9, 2011
Midas Hotel

Players Meeting and Draw
2 pm
May 9, 2011
World Trade Center

Awards Dinner
9 pm
May 15, 2011
Carte Blanche, World Trade Center
Metro Manila
Prizes to be presented by WPA


Spots in the WTBC (Stage 2) are earned. Players gain entry through (a) their
WPA rankings, (b) selection by their continental federations, (c) qualifying tournaments, and (d) wild cards of the WPA and the organizers.

The WTBC is for men only. There is a separate world ten ball championship for women.

The top 16 players in the WPA ranking system are guaranteed spots in
the WTBC.


Main tournament

Entry fee into the main tournament is $250

This is payable to the WPA

Names of players selected by the continental federations must be submitted to Raya Sports, by March 7, 2011

Qualifying Tournament

There will be ten qualifying up for competition in the WTBC.

Two qualifiers will be played each day from May 3-7 at the Star Billiards Center.

Entry fee schedule is as follows:

*Individual qualifier — $100 for one qualifier
*Five qualifiers — $400 for five qualifiers

Winners in the qualifiers will win a prize of $400, in addition to a spot in the main tournament.

To register for the qualifiers, fill up registration form and send to:

Mr. Sol Gueco, tournament coordinator
e-mail address:

Deadline for registration in the qualifiers: March 31, 2011


The WTBC Prize Fund totals $250,000.

The prize breakdown has been designed to provide more money to players placing in the middle rungs of the competition and enabling them to recover their travel costs. Likewise, there is official concern from WPA about the practice of players applying a savers system with respect to prizes. This is strictly prohibited.

The prize breakdown is as follows:

Winner                      $60,000
Runner-up                 30,000
3-4                            15,000 x 2
5-8                              7,500 x 4
9-16                            3,500 x 8
17-32                          2,500 x 16
33-64                          1,000 x 32

Total                           $250,000


There are 128 players in the main event of the WTBC.

In the opening round, the players are divided into 16 groups of 8 players each. Each group plays an elimination round under a double elimination format. Four players from each group advance into the Last 64.

All matches in the group stage are race to 9.

From the Last 64 to the Finals, the competition becomes single elimination.

Except for the final, which is race to 11, all matches are race to 9.


All players and team officials are responsible for their own flight and
accommodation expenses and food.

The official hotel of the WTBC is Sofitel Philippine Plaza, a five-star hotel that is near the World Trade Center.

Other hotels near the tournament venue are the Traders Hotel and the Philippine Heritage Hotel.

All hotels partnering in the WTBC will offer special rates to players, guests and officials of the WTBC. Details on how to avail of special rates will be posted in the official website


Foreign players intending to play in the WTBC should apply for their visas at least six weeks before their scheduled departure for the Philippines.

If an invitation letter is needed to secure a Philippine visa, please submit your personal information and necessary documents to Raya Sports at the earliest convenience.

No visa is required of citizens of ASEAN countries.


The organizer of the WTBC is Prism Inc and Raya Sports
For further information and inquiries, call or write to:
Ahyie Torres, Executive Secretary

Raya Sports
Tel. +63 (2) 8952021